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Daniel @ 4 months…

Mr. Daniel, you are 4 months now…today we had your appointment…
You now weigh in at 15lbs 13 oz…you are a whopping 27.25″ long, and your head is above average too…you are our big boy…
Some things I hope I never forget about this stage are:
::The way you nurse with your arm over your eyes when you want to go to sleep::
::The times when you act like you want to eat, but instead it is obvious minutes in that you simply want to snuggle and be close::
::Your crazy laugh::
::your smile that is your whole face…its not the easiest to get but always well worth it!::
::Your crazy kicking!::
::The first time you reached for me when in someone else’s arms::
::The way you pull me close, even when it is a little painful (your nails are sharp! and I am terrible about trimming them!)::
I love you…you are such a joy, I can’t believe that I have been blessed with two such awesome boys!

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