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Family Vacation : Day 3 in Idaho

Holden wanted pancakes…SO we went out for pancakes…
one year old + four year old + slow restaurant = parents vowing to never eat breakfast out again during this vacation.
No joke, Tom went to the store today and came home with plenty of eggs for the rest of the week…
After breakfast we came back to the house and tried to get everyone to take a nap:-)  It finally worked!  SO after naps we checked out yet another beach, and the boys LOVED it!  Well I don’t think they care:-)  They just want sand and water…Holden was in up to his chest having a blast.  Daniel again was in and out, and all over the sand…Tom dug a hole in the sand which of course filled with water and Daniel thought it was his own personal swimming pool!  We had thought we would hang out at the beach until dinner, but it was significantly cooler today, so Holden declared he was too cold and he wanted to go.  We were trying to catch a live show at a local pizza joint, the Holden Young Trio (how could we pass them up with that name?!)  So since we knew the kids could not sit for a super long time, and we didn’t want a breakfast repeat, we headed out to explore more of the lake with a scenic drive…Tom scoped out some great rock climbing areas, and we drove around the lake.

Vacation10_99_BlogVacation10_100_BlogVacation10_109_BlogVacation10_115_BlogVacation10_118_BlogWe got to the pizza place, and we almost left…the place was A DIVE…but we figured we were already there we might as well eat…so we ordered and the music began…It was VERY good!  It was a good thing my kids love music, especially Daniel!  And that some people brought their dogs, another surefire source of entertainment for our kiddos!  The pizza took over an hour to get to our table!  By that time we were all starving!  And the band was almost done with their first set…So we quickly scarfed down our pizza and headed home, it was well past bedtime!

Vacation10_120_Blog A VERY low key fun day!

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