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Honesty and Rule Following…

I think we have always known Holden is a rule follower, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to bend the rules or change the rules, but when it comes down to it he follows the rules he thinks we have set for him or that he feels are most important.  
One example was a year or so ago when he was hanging out with my parents and my brother’s family.  They went to a cousins sports event, AND they ate at the fields.  Paula , my sister in law got him what she deemed to be the lesser of the soda evils, SPRITE, his answer when presented with it, “Oh my mom doesn’t let me drink soda”  which by the way is only half true, BUT soda of any kind is a grand treat in our house, hardly ever enjoyed by the kiddos.
In preschool his teacher tells stories of Holden counting and reporting how many kids are in the kitchen play area (there is a limit you know!), correcting her when she does things different than the previous time, or reads the wrong word, or forgets parts of stories…
MOST recently when he was at Grandmere’s he was SO honest, I was SO proud.  You see, before he left for Grandmere’s he was having a bit of a sass and listening issue.  It needed a pretty good consequence, but I didn’t want to take away the trip to Grandmere’s (this has been done before and it does work), SO I did the next thing I thought of, I told him he couldn’t watch movies at Grandmere’s (one of his favorite things).  We talked a lot about it, he was sad…he asked what if Grandmere forgot about the consequence, and I told him it would be his responsibility to follow through.  BUT then of course I forgot to tell Grandmere.  Apparently I didn’t need to because Holden told her on the way to her house, “I am not allowed to watch movies at your house this time, because I wasn’t listening to mommy”…I tell you stories like this make you realize that what you are doing and saying might actually be sinking in!
I love this boy!  I can’t wait to watch him grow and become who is going to become!  Having kiddos can be hard, but it is also AMAZING!!!
And as Tom likes to remind me…ahem, he might just get his rule following from me…
  • April 3, 2011 - 4:16 am

    Joanne - Anna,you have become the awesome mom that I always knew you would be. I love reading your stories, and I love you!<br />JoanneReplyCancel

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