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iPhone Tales : 10

I am currently going through this with a friend.  Good stuff, super challenging. cheek it out here

Building a little MarbleWorks is good for a before dinner activity, concentration curbs whining.

Fermentation: My new journey.  This is water kefir, but really obviously it started with sourdough…There is all kinds of info out there.  This stuff is good for you, lots of probiotics.

I’m still learning, its carbonating itself faster and faster, this was the second bottle that erupted upon opening, this one had a bowl over the top and obviously under it…the first…well, let’s just say I had to clean my kitchen and mop the floor TWICE!  Thank goodness no exploding bottles!

The finished product, bubbly and TASTY!

I LOVE making my own bread!  I have recently gone back to my original recipe which requires hand kneading, it’s therapeutic!

The sweet spot of my week, Holden is at piano, Annie is entertaining Daniel and I am catching up with Susan!  Thank you God for orchestrating schedules just so.  I so need this time!

It’s March…there is lots of talk of green, rainbows, and tiny men with funny shoes!  And I was scheduled for snack in the preschool.  Since we are, well I should say, I, as every time Tom goes shopping packaged food just jumps into his bags! Anyway, I have been cutting out most processed foods from our shopping, I found a fun snack to prepare for the kids!  Please look past the marshmallows!  I’m not totally militant!

Self Portraits before school:-)

Progress is being made.  I can’t wait!  I loved designing with my husband and then having him build our designs:-)

Our Library haul…Holden has already finished his picks, apparently 4 books is NOT enough for him for even a week!

These are my picks, believe it or not this is FUN reading for me, not serious:-)  I know, I know I have been mocked before.  I like heady theological stuff, and learning.  So for a break I take, fermenting, gardening, and historical fiction…

Preparing for our study Friday night, the video spoke volumes to me in the simple message, Breath in Breath out, Give Thanks in, Give Thanks out.  It was an awesome night!

These are Holden’s picks from the library, two mysteries (Hardy Boys and Boxcar Children), some sort of bionicle thing, and Ralph S Mouse:-)

 Ahhh Sunday, I FINALLY cleaned the car.  Some people think that because we don’t allow eating in our car it must be clean…trust me that is NOT the case. normally it is cluttered with papers and trash, I can’t believe I am admitting this!) as well as toys books, jackets, boots, JUNK!  I couldn’t take it anymore, and when I clean I CLEAN!  So everything got taken out, vacuumed spot cleaned, and spruced up:-)  Now if only the outside was clean! 

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