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Holden turns 8!

Holden was “supposed” to share his birthday with his brother;-) BUT Daniel had other plans, instead he shares his birthday with his beloved cousin Anya, who again had other plans than arriving on her due date!  SO while they are still little and don’t care much about anything except being celebrated on their actual birthday we (Beth and I) take advantage of it and have a combined birthday celebration!  SO we took the kids miniature golfing AND then to yogurt;-P  Easy Peasy and they LOVED it!

Apparently there are only a few colors of golf balls and our party of 11 was too much for the colors, we had trouble keeping track, one time a certain 5 year old was SUPER upset that daddy hit his ball in the hole before he could!  Also they have some signs, Holden did not adhere to them apparently he thinks he is always going for the long drive!


Some more cousins joined in the fun and we were happy to have them:-)  Reece also apparently thought every hit should be a drive!  All in all they didn’t care how they did (we did not keep score) they just had fun, and thankfully it had been a HOT HOT day so most folks were at the waterpark!  Which meant no one was annoyed when we hit the ball into the same hole 17 times:-)  And on the tricky holes, THANK GOODNESS for a daddy who fishes for the balls BEFORE they can go down the waterfall to be lost forever!

What a FUN outing!  SO glad we had a good turnout, and the kids felt celebrated and most importantly had fun! It was well past their bedtimes when we got to yogurt but they all got nice and sticky, and filled with sugar, that IS the goal right?  Happy Birthday Holden + Anya!  You are SO loved!



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