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First Day of School | 2014

The day was here, I had been excited, anxious, and dreading it all at once.  School was starting.  And that means everyone is a YEAR older, AND my BABY was going to go to Kindergarten, 5 days a week.  Every emotion surfaced.  I was anxious for how he would do.  He is our hardest to get to try new classrooms, he is still definitely a mama’s boy.  We went to meet the teacher the day before, and he was fine with holden in there, and he eventually warmed up enough to talk to the teacher.  It was NOTHING like Holden’s meet the teacher.  But, he was SO excited on the days leading up to school, I got caught up in the excitement.  Everybody woke up early, got dressed quickly and had everything packed EARLY.

THIS is the sweetest thing ever…Holden reading to Daniel. He is not always willing to do it, often complaining that reading out loud hurts his throat.  But today he was TOTALLY willing.


Of course we got the obligatory First Day of School pics, some alone, and some together.  And then we headed off to school.

FirstDayBlog_3FirstDayBlog_2FirstDayBlog_1Daniel shot out of the car, and ran down to the classroom, BUT as soon as he came to the door, he backed away, and dug his feet in.  I tried to talk to him, he was having none of it.  So the teacher pried him off of me, and I left, tears running down my face.  Holden wanted to know why I was sad, so I explained to him how hard it was to leave your child when they were sad even though you knew they would be very happy once they were in the classroom.

Daniel’s class starts at 8:15 and Holden can’t be on campus until 8:30, which means I get at least 15 minutes with my oldest.   I am soaking up the time with him.  We have had some fun conversations already!  When the bell rang we went to his class, and he was a little anxious when he realized that who he thought was his teacher wasn’t in fact his teacher, but true to his nature he went right in and had a GREAT day.

Both boys had fun first days, and although Daniel said he was excited to go the next, he had the same reaction at the door the next day, and the next.  BUT we are now a couple weeks in, and he just told me, “you can just stay in the car, you don’t have to walk me.”  To which of course I said, “No Way!”, but he is happy to kiss me and say goodbye at the classroom door and go right in.

I have already signed up to be in the boys classrooms regularly and I am looking forward to another GREAT year!

  • August 28, 2014 - 6:47 pm

    Jo little - Omgosh so reminiscent of my girls early years . My Hannah pried from me and me crying all morning . Now a sophomore in HS it passes fast . So glad Daniel is adjusting ❤️ReplyCancel

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