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Breaking Ground|The Ranch

We got word late in the week that we would break ground Monday (yesterday), so…we had a little party:-)  little being the appropriate size for our little living space, or maybe not since kids and adults had to eat in shifts…but then again, MAYBE that is more relaxing.

OK on with it, we had dinner and then headed over to the property to document this BIG milestone. It really is HUGE, all our planning and designing, finally starting to go somewhere, which will eventually become a house! SUPER EXCITING!


Our friend, Lance, made us a commemorative shovel that we all signed, Daniel was SO happy to be able to sign it himself!  That will be a fun remembrance:-)  Now we just have to clear coat the handle!  The girls, liked our girls (the chickens) in fact I am surprised I have any pics of Blondie, our most friendly chicken, being held by anyone but Gigi, as she sort of claimed her as her own this day.


Here we all are scattered…I think only Tom knew we were supposed to be taking a picture;-P


OK, here it is the “shot”, a memory for all time…nice face Holden.


Oh wait THIS one is better…yep life with boys, thats why we moved to the country, so they could take their crazy outside and play all day;-)  Gotta love them!


And of course there had to be some tractor time, I mean the boys were DYING to check them out since they arrived on Friday!


Well that’s a wrap!  It has begun, earth is being moved and soon concrete will be poured, walls will go up, so on and so forth.  I can’t wait to capture ALL the fun!  AND away we GO!


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