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Building the Ranch | Week ONE

We did it!  We started building our house!  Well…getting the land ready to hold the house;-)  I can’t believe work ACTUALLY started!!!  It’s become SO real…First steps, water down the red, red dirt, so that our neighbors are not overwhelmed with dust!  And start getting that building pad leveled out…Week1_01_BlogI don’t need to tell you how EXCITED the boys were when the tractors showed up on Friday, ready for work Monday:-)  There was “some” time admiring the tractors and climbing on them.Week1_02_BlogSince Tom is acting as the general there were many stops out to observe the progress, with his little helper in tow:-)  I LOVE LOVE how they stand the same!  Daniel was happy to follow us out there after preschool and on his off days.  Holden was a little disappointed to miss out, but the thrill quickly wore off when it became apparent it was an everyday thing, AND our house wasn’t going to miraculously appear in a few days!Week1_03_BlogProbably discussing/explaining what each machine does.Week1_04_BlogWeek1_05_BlogTHIS unfortunately is where they hit a stubborn rock, which meant the big excavator had to come and work hour upon hour to finish this up.  There were some tense times, but eventually they got enough of it out.Week1_06_BlogEvenings were spent checking out the day’s progress and of course checking out the equipment.Week1_07_BlogThe infamous rock.Week1_08_BlogWhere there is red staining mud, there they will play.  I swear I told Tom 10x’s that I was going to take a dirt sample into the carpet store and ask them to match the carpet to it.  It’s everywhere….Week1_09_BlogWeek1_10_BlogWhat?!? You mean your boys don’t get in the tractor scoop?  I didn’t even have to ask them, they just ventured in themselves;-)Week1_11_BlogThen Holden of course had to ham it up!  Week1_12_Blog

Ahhh, It’s real now, it is happening!  We are building our house, the house we have been planning and dreaming of!  I am SO excited!  Week one saw A LOT of earth moved, and big changes to the look of the site!  It can be a little scary, especially as someone who sees value in preserving the site, but I think we did a good job of placing the house on the lot, only time will tell.  HERE WE GO!  The next leg of the journey has begun!


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