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Building the Ranch | Week Six

When I got home from Southern California, I got to see ALL the work that had been done, it was SUPER exciting!  This week it was time for finishing the slab, which will eventually be my floor, AND deliveries, AND starting of framing!  Ahhh it will looks like a structure at soon!
141021_01_BlogWe got lots of lumber, our one steel column, and our shear walls delivered, as well as a lot of plywood…
141022_03_BlogThe score lines were cut…
141022_04_BlogSill plates and a couple of the shear walls went in!  I cannot wait for some walls to go up:-)  These two will flank our fireplace.
141023_01_BlogSee our ONE steel column in the back:-)  And Tom is standing in our someday front door, where we will welcome you in for a meal, some fellowship, and hopefully some fun!


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