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Building the Ranch | Week 7

We have walls!  Oh my goodness, I CANNOT tell you how amazing it is to see all the spaces we planned to start taking their shape!  The spaces feel so large and spacious, and the height is super exciting!  The spaces are going to be beautiful!141027_01_BlogThere are quite a few large beams and overhangs:-)  I knew they would all be there, but seeing them there, just is surreal!
141027_08_BlogOur front door is REALLY taking shape!  I cannot wait to welcome you in!
141027_09_BlogThe boys came out for the final inspection of the day…The light was SO beautiful I couldn’t resist capturing this gorgeous guy!
141027_13_BlogI was trying to get an overall, and THIS guy wanted to be in the picture!
141027_14_BlogHere it is, my dream becoming a reality!
141027_15_BlogWhat a GREAT week!


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