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Portraits of the Boys

I took some pictures of the boys this week.  They are due “school” or annual portraits, AND I was practicing for my newest Life|Stop Photography adventure:-)  Whatever the reason, I LOVE these images, AND these boys:-)  Someday they might just roll their eyes and give me attitude when I ask them to come take pictures, but right now they come and give my SO much personality I am soaking it up!

This guy is FIVE, can you believe it.  He LOVES kindergarten, loves his teacher, and making friends!  He also LOVES his sleep, so getting up for morning kindergarten has proved to be quite the challenge.  He is still a snuggler, and STILL sleeps with doggie EVERY night!  He definitely keeps us laughing, and more than once we have used his name and the word “frat boy” in the same sentence.  He is ALL boy!


This fun loving boy is EIGHT!  Eight, can you imagine!  It goes by WAY to fast!  He is in third grade, still LOVES reading, but says his favorite subject is science.  He is a charmer of teachers and makes new friends fairly easily.  He has definitely entered that age where a little insecurity comes in, but he is also figuring out how to be happy and confident in WHO he is, and WHO he was made to be.  He is also a performer, never hesitates to volunteer to be on stage or say something to the whole class.  He is wise beyond his years, and often shares insight on God and life that makes us pause and think a little deeper.  He is a sweet sweet boy!  I am definitely blessed to be the mama of these two boys!



This guy, well he is 30-something:-)  I am beyond blessed to be his wife.  I still can’t believe what a gift our marriage is, God has definitely molded and formed our relationship.  He encourages, inspires, and remains steadfast through everything.  He is wise beyond his years as well, and he is an AMAZING daddy!  It was such a treat to have him in front of the camera, and when I look at this image, I just see him, to the core. I LOVE being his wife!


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