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Building the Ranch | Week 8

I can’t believe we are almost 2 months in!  We are still doing our daily checks, and THIS guy is still doing a great job inspecting!  We were headed out to measure something obviously:-)  Sometimes we went out with our lunches;-)
141102_01_BlogSheathing is going on and the rooms are getting closed in…still unbelievable AND amazing!
141102_03_BlogThe overhang structure going up…
141102_04_BlogI LOVE to see what I drew on paper, being made into REAL life!  So many times, people who have seen the drawings walk through and say, “so this is what it looks like:-)”  I smile because I always knew but a lot of people have a hard time seeing drawings in 3D.
141102_09_BlogDaniel and I took a break in the hammock…
141102_17_BlogThere was also some ditch digging for water lines, electrical lines, etc…I think Tom and the boys had fun using the tractor:-)


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