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December 18 – Gingerbread House Building | DPP 2014


One of the BEST things about my job is that I get to take time off to be in my boys classes:-)  I mean I am the boss, right?  And the boys still LOVE for me to come in!  So today we had the Kinder Gingerbread House Building party.  It was fun, and MESSY!  The kids had fun, and a few of them made out with candy covered plates, as the “yard” around their houses:-)

I loved that Daniel had a plan for everything he put on his.  The Candy Cane is guarding the house, the Gum drops are candy mushrooms growing around.  The sweetart is a door knob, and then they put more on the door…to hide the door know, so only people they want to come in can:-)  And then he made his path wrap around to the door.

It was fun, and the teachers were wise, they had milk cartons to “glue” the graham crackers (“crappers” in kindergarten language:-)) to so they had some substance.  We had just tried to build these without that tip at our family Christmas party, and well we had a few frustrated builders including myself when the graham crackers were not structurally sound!

Daniel said it was fun building…and even more fun because I was there:-)  Yep, soaking it up!

Please join me on this December Photo Project, participate yourself if you can!  Leave me a comment with where you will post you DPP project and I would love to see what you are up to this December:-)  I am also posting my dailies on my Life|Stop Photography Facebook page, so you can join in there as well!  You can see previous years images here;-)


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