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December 22 – An Impromptu Family Portrait|DPP 2014

DPP2014_26After last night’s worship service, we headed back to our friend’s house (they are also our neighbors, we live on their property while we build next door!)  They had everything set up to  make Christmas Cookies, which was SO fun, since I had declared earlier in the month, no Christmas baking was going to happen in my kitchen until we move!  It’s too much for me to handle.  SO the kids got the fun of baking and decorating cookies, AND I got to keep my sanity!

And THANK GOODNESS for friends who make us take a family picture! I was snapping away at the evening, but would have never thought to ask for a picture, BUT I love this one!  It is the only one where Holden doesn’t have his tongue out!  Just to keep it real:-)

Please join me on this December Photo Project, participate yourself if you can!  Leave me a comment with where you will post you DPP project and I would love to see what you are up to this December:-)  I am also posting my dailies on my Life|Stop Photography Facebook page, so you can join in there as well!  You can see previous years images here;-)


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