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The REST of December |DPP 2014

Some people end the DPP at Christmas, I usually go until the end of the year, BUT I missed some days this year so here are random pics I took after Chrsitmas!

This was my last session of the year, what a fun way to end the business year!  It was a busy and full year, I LOVE what I do!
DPP2014_30bwMy parents came on December 27, we of course went bowling with them as its one of the kids favorite things to do when they visit:-)  This guy had fun, he didn’t care if he knocked down 10 or none, he was there to have fun!
DPP2014_32bwThis guy on the other hand wanted to WIN!  And was VERY upset when he couldn’t beat the adults!
DPP2014_33bwAND we ended the year by getting the water hooked up to our site!  It’s been a great year, with it’s share of challenges, and as always we are looking forward to the new adventures ahead!

Please join me on this December Photo Project, participate yourself if you can!  Leave me a comment with where you will post you DPP project and I would love to see what you are up to this December:-)  I am also posting my dailies on my Life|Stop Photography Facebook page, so you can join in there as well!  You can see previous years images here;-)


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