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365|Week 5

WOW!  February is HERE!  Since this is the first Friday of the month, it also happens to be the first BLOG CIRCLE of the 365 group I am a part of. SO my life|stop blog is dedicated to that!  I encourage you to go check it out, and be sure to follow the blog circle to check out the beautiful stories of the photographers I have teamed up with!  BUT because I like the weekly order of things I decided to post the full week 5 here today:-)  How is that for confusing;-)

This week we/I was obsessed with the moon, I took several house photo walks and we celebrated a birthday!  This has also been a week of sickness for my poor Daniel:(



House Photo Walk.  Electrical wire, this week the electrical rough in was finished, HVAC was started and the outside was prepped for stucco:-)


Today we celebrated Tante Beth.  MJ made a trifle for her mama:-)  It was a fun evening, but Daniel spent most of it on the couch with a fever:(365_31


While outside BEFORE the Super Bowl, I caught a glimpse of the moon. You, Holden, had to study the moon throughout January for a third grade project, NOW I am obsessed with it’s rise and set, and it’s fullness:-) Love when I can see it during the day!



You join me in the morning, I time my quiet time to end when your alarm goes off. Today you were fascinated by another photographers images of her everyday. I enjoyed watching you read about her technique.365_33a


Another photo walk, I love how simple unseen objects can be seen as beautiful, if you stop, focus, and see things a little differently:-)  I LOVE to capture these things!365_34


YOU, my POOR boy has been sick since Saturday, AND today is day 3 of the “pink” eye. hopefully this is the end of it, you are getting pretty stir crazy! As am I!365_35


Again, since your moon phase study, I have been obsessed with the moon. This was taken when I got up yesterday, I loved the way the moon looked and the sky as it set in the early morning365_36

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