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365|Week 9

It’s the first week of MARCH, the third month of the year! Can you believe it?  I keep saying that but seriously the weeks go by so fast!  Since it is the first week of the month, it is also the week that my life|stop photography blog is dedicated to the LightBox Stories Blog Circle, please go check it out if you haven’t already!

This week we went to a marriage conference with Francis + Lisa Chan, my orchids continued to bloom, I participated in a color photography challenge AND our floors were finished in the new house!LSP365_9


You were whining about something so I threatened to take your picture, this is what I got:-)



We went to a marriage conference this weekend, like none we have ever been to.  It was fantastic, I know we were both convicted and encouraged.  Mostly it was about looking outside yourselves, having an eternal view of life and marriage, which really means staying close to and keeping your eyes on God and His mission for your lives. I mean who tells you NOT to work on your marriage:-)  But like I said it was great!  I can’t wait to read their book, You and Me Forever.365_59_Blog


LOVE this man and my boys SO much!  I love to participate in snuggle time, but sometimes it’s just as awesome to witness it:-)  He was pretending to be asleep because he was SO tired!365_60_Blog


I DO NOT have a green thumb, especially when it comes to house plants!  But my friend gave me this beautiful orchid, and I dutifully followed the instructions, AND it bloomed again!  It currently has 8 flowers on it and 2 more buds!  SO beautiful!



I am part of a photography group called life{unscripted}, this month they are having a color challenge, we were supposed to photograph our favorite color, and then collage it:-)  I chose two colors, orange and purple, it was SO fun to roam around and find these colors and then vignette them:-)365_62_Blog


Some more of the color challenge:-)  LOVE my purple jacket and orange cup!365_63_Blog


Our floors were finished this week!  After they finished curing we headed out with our sample board and checked our color selections.  It is now time to start finishing the inside!  First insulation, then drywall, paint and finishes!  It feels like it is getting closer:-)365_64_Blog


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