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Let’s Fly a Kite!

Daniel got a kite for Christmas this year.  He was SO excited!  But, we haven’t had a chance to fly it very much!  Our schedules and the wind’s schedule ween’t the same.  But today was WINDY!  SO after work Tom took the boys up to our neighbors hill (they just happened to be doing the same thing:-)) and flew Daniel’s kite.  The kite is really nice, but really hard to fly so Tom does most if not ALL of the kite flying.  BUT thankfully the boys love being the “launchers” and just chasing and watching the kite:-)  I was SO glad I finished my work SO I could join in the fun!


I asked Tom if he could maneuver the kite so I could get it in the shot;-)  Yes I do that!  He was able to do it!  But the kite almost lost flight after that!150402Spring_04_Blog150402Spring_06_Blog

Just in case you don’t know Holden he is IN LOVE with flight, airplanes, well many things, BUT airplanes and flying definitely are at the top!  His knowledge of flying and airplanes, and the history of them has FAR surpassed mine.  I should probably study them, but I just let him tell me:-)150402Spring_11_Blog150402Spring_12_Blog150402Spring_10_Blog

THIS guy is obsessed with anything Holden like for the most part.  And everything Holden says is true in his mind.  He sure is cute, and he likes anything that is a puzzle, strategy, or involves running:-)150402Spring_09_Blog

After the wind died down we headed home.  We are SO blessed to be able to use the property we are on now, and our property next door as a park:-)  I love that the kids can run and explore right in their own backyard.  I just have to get over my fear of rattlesnakes:-)150402Spring_13_Blog

This morning I woke the house up when I saw a beautiful red fox walking our property.  So before dinner we did a little temporary chicken run securing:-)  So far we haven’t lost any, but the fox was roaming towards these girls, and I didn’t want to take a chance!150402Spring_14_Blog

Such a beautiful Spring Day!


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