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365|Week 13

It’s the first week of APRIL! Can you believe it?  I keep saying that but seriously the weeks go by so fast!  Since it is the first week of the month, it is also the week that my life|stop photography blog is dedicated to the LightBox Stories Blog Circle, please go check it out if you haven’t already!

This week, we attended a gala, celebrated Tom’s birthday, and had SPRING BREAK!  It was fun having the boys home!  We also had a stomach bug! NOT FUN! But we are all healthy now:-)



We attended a gala for MJ + Miss A’s school, you walked around and “assisted” MJ with her picture taking:-)  uncle Josh, helped you straighten your tie!365_86_Blog


For your birthday, you wanted to be outside.  SO we headed out for a day trip with some friends.  Our plan was highjacked by some questionable to pass ice on the road into long lake, so we settled for a hike along the Donner Summit Trail and some relaxing by the lake:-)  I don’t think you cared. We love you!365_87_Blog


Tire woahs…the Honda seems to attract nails, even though it is hardly the car up at the new house.  We came out for church and found a nail in our tire and a flat.  Off to the tire shop again…last time it was two nails.  I guess they will know us well before we are moved in.365_88_Blog


Good Morning Daddy!  You are our snuggler, and our LOVE giver.:-)365_89_Blog


We have drywall hung!  One of my favorite things is to “walk the job” with you.  Watching the house take shape and dream about what life will be like in the new house, and the people we will welcome through our door.  The process is fun, and so hard at the same time, but I am thankful to be going through it with you:-)365_90_Blog


Dottie: Our only hen that goes broody.  Our loaner. And usually the hardest to capture.  But also the most beautiful with her “spots”:-)365_91_Blog


Today was WINDY, so dad took you boys out with your kite. This kite is awesome!  But a little difficult to fly…it’s Daniel’s kite but dad has to fly it!  Right now you don’t seem to mind!  Kite flying and chasing is mesmerizing and giggle inducing:-)365_92_Blog


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