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Goodbye Long Hair…at least for now.

It finally happened…Holden wanted his long hair cut.  I was kind of ready, towards the end of school, we had a few instances where he was called a girl, and while everything in me fights that stereo type I was just ready, tired of tear when brushing, and making him wash his hair more than he wanted etc.  He wanted to do it before school ended so he could show everyone:-)  He loves attention!  BUT that just didn’t happen with our schedules etc.  SO yesterday was the day.  Goodbye, beautiful long haired boy…till you are back again:-)

150607_01_Blog150607_02_Blog150607_03_BlogFor some reason he really loves the pigtail part:-)  And of course the attention of mom’s camera!150607_04_Blog150607_05_BlogHe wanted to save them, we did for a short bit…next time I may encourage him to grow it long enough to donate.150607_06_Blog150607_07_BlogAll clean cut, and CLEAN:-) SO handsome!  He is such a handsome/beautiful child, but he looks so much older like this!  I instantly regretted it.  He had some regrets too, but also just told himself it will grow back!150607_08_Blog150607_10_BlogI am not sure what he was pouting about, but I had to capture it because he is our funny guy, but with that comes crazy passion, which means, happy or sad, it’s intense:-)  He too is a gorgeous boy if I do say so myself!365_159_Blog


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