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CBS 2015 | Day 3

Day 3::Breakfast::Worship::Small Groups::Speaker::Lunch::Family Time::Free Time::Dinner::Game Show::Campfire Worship with S’mores:-)

Every morning we have worship and a kids devotional.  Every morning they invite the kids to come up, starting with the “Butterfly Song” inviting them to do the motions and sing up front…WHO ARE THESE kids??? I would NEVER have done that as a kid, I was SO shy, but Holden especially gets right up and jumps right in!  Daniel did it once, and then stayed in his seat the rest of the week:-)  He will do most anything if Holden is doing it.150630_01_Blog

Holden also raises his hand EVERYTIME they ask for a volunteer!  Every Time!  This particular day he was picked for the devotional.  They  always pick a girl and a boy, and the volunteers get skittles:-)  Holden was sent out of the room while Paul told the girl 4 numbers over and over for 30 seconds.  At the end of the 30 seconds he asked her what the 4 numbers were and she of course fed them right back to him.  Holden then came out for his turn.  So again Paul gave him 4 numbers, but instead of repeating them for 30 seconds, he spent the next 30 seconds peppering Holden with questions, most of which required a numerical answer from Holden (not the 4 numbers).  Things like our address, phone number, his age, grade, etc.  At the end of the 30 seconds he asked Holden what the 4 numbers were.  And Holden got all but one!  Shocking Paul:-)  But he still missed one, so the girl one…and Paul made his point, which must have been about distraction, or something, but I missed it because I was trying to remember the 4 numbers myself! (nerdy mom).  Anyway, Holden impressed everyone, and as always Paul gave him a bag of skittles as well:-)  150630_04_Blog

During free time, Holden was napping, so we took this guy on a walk.150630_05_Blog

Our tent is the one on the left behind the trees.150630_06_Blog

The mainland:-)  The weather was strange here this week, lots of clouds, and overcast, and even some rain!150630_07_Blog

“Take a picture of me in the tree, mom!”…”Now let me see it!”150630_08_Blog

After dinner, the little kids had a movie night while 3rd graders on up participated in a game show with the adults…Men against Women…At first Holden was SUPER grumpy to miss the movie, but we knew he would love the game show so we encouraged made him come with us.  By the end he declared, “THAT.WAS.THE.MOST.FUN.EVER” Didn’t help that the men won after being behind the ENTIRE night, only to make a comeback in the final round and win the tie breaker!  It was a fun night!150630_15_Blog

After the gameshow, we gathered the family and headed down to the fire ring for Campfire worship, followed by some s’mores.  I snuck away (I think I was filling the water bottle) and capture this.  I LOVE playing with slower exposure and capturing serene night images like this, but I hardly take the time.  It really is so beautiful and peaceful at camp.150630_16_Blog

Back at the campfire the 6 and under roast their marshmallows with their parents.  Then the bigger kids, Holden had me roast his for him, and Virginia complimented me on my perfectly roasted marshmallow.  Tom got the same compliment, so either all our camping trips have paid off, or she gives that compliment to everyone:-)  Either way the boys loved it!150630_18_Blog

On our way back to the tent I looked up, and had to try and capture the moon.150630_19_BlogAnother great day at camp, tomorrow is the halfway point, it always goes way too fast from that point!

Romans 15: 5-6 (NIV)

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


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