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First Day of School|2015

Finally, or unfortunately however you look at it, the first day of school was here!  We find it bittersweet here.  I mean we LOVE school, but we also LOVE the unstructured, stay in your jammies until after breakfast, or maybe all day, days.  But you know, there is also that little “I’m bored”, or the constant fighting…that make us yearn for the school days 😉 Just in case you thought we were perfect.  We are in fact not.

Okay back to the first day of school.  This is Daniel AFTER I woke him up 30 minutes before this…He is like Tom, it’s never enough sleep, however many hours, never enough!  I was kind of concerned he wasn’t going to make it.  BUT alas, he is also the quickest dresser ready to head out the door one of the bunch:-)  He did awake, and had his backpack on and ready to go with more than 30 minutes to spare!  Remind me of this in November, when its dark and cold, and we are running out the door 5 minutes before the bell rings!  Seriously, remind me…I won’t remember!


I am SO glad I got at home pictures, because Holden told me I couldn’t take my big camera into school!  What?!?!  Oh well, at least he let ME come into school with him:-)  These images are SO precious, because they are in our new home.  The first “Back to School” pics in this new space.

See they love each other, right:-) Just after this they were wrestling on the concrete floor!150812_04_Blog150812_05_BlogThis is the first of many years in front of this door!  SO exciting!  I know Tom and I pinch ourselves that we are actually here…In this space, that we designed and built!

Oh yeah, first day of school, Holden is in 4th(Did I just type that?!?) and Daniel is starting his first full days of school in 1st GRADE!  I’m teary I tell you!150812_06_Blog

This handsome young boy, grew a ton this summer, and read too many books to count.  He wants to be SO many things these days, pilot, scientist, engineer, inventor, everything that has to do with using your brain and mostly creating new things.150812_07_Blog

This gorgeous boy(baby) also grew a ton, he spent his summer building lego sets, from his imagination and from plans.  He is an artist, and a builder.  He thinks he might be an architect, or a police officer, or fireman…he’s not really sure.


I think I went into shock when I dropped them off…I think I should have planned something, because I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the whole day.  But I didn’t relax either.  I had a knot in my stomach thinking about Daniel being there ALL.DAY, and I missed both of them terribly.  I prayed a lot, and reminded myself, they are in HIS hands, HE never leaves them, and they never leave HIS sights.  It was SO quiet in our house…I know it will get better, but man, it was a good thing they both had good days, and a really good thing Holden doesn’t let things like a strict teacher phase him.  The teacher won him over with his love for history, so I am sure the two will be fast friends:-)

Mama had a harder day than the boys, and we are all TIRED!


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