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Daniel and His Doggie

Daniel just started the first grade.  His teacher sent home a questionnaire so that she could get to know the kids better. One question was: “what is your child’s most favorite thing.”  I asked Daniel and he answered, “Mom you know, it’s Doggie!”  I should have known.  Daniel and his Doggie are really never far apart.  He travels with us, sleeps with him, and is the first thing he looks for when he is feeling sad, unsure, scared, or gets in trouble.  I never would have thought when we bought that for him, he was about a year old I believe, that this Doggie would become so important to him.


The other night, while putting him to bed, he was tired but restless, which means when I am laying with him he chats it up, and climbs all over me.  Usually, I enjoy the chatting for a while and then enforce bedtime.  I am pretty strict about bedtime, my boys need sleep!  BUT tonight he was talking and cuddling Doggie, and the light, the light caught my eye!  So I told him to go grab my camera, and then I just let him get back into the snuggling and chatting, and I caught this.  These images are amongst my favorite captured lately and maybe even ever of this boy and his Doggie.  He is a sweetie, a cuddler, and a talker, and I adore him:-).150819_03_Blog

I am a little frightened about what happens when Doggie deteriorates, or starts really falling apart.  But, we will cross that bridge when it comes…Everytime we visit IKEA, I think about buying a new one…but they are never the same…150819_04_Blog

  • August 28, 2015 - 9:43 am

    amber - There should be a group online for everyone who loves that puppy. It’s Axel’s favorite thing too. I restuffed him a while back, after warning him that I didn’t think he would like it. After a week, he asked me to take the stuffing out. Puppy just wasn’t the same. I know another lady whose son has the same dog (the smaller version like Axel’s). It’s his everywhere companion too. Who would have thought a cheap, IKEA stuffed animal would be so loved. I like that our kids have similar naming strategies.ReplyCancel

    • August 28, 2015 - 11:16 am

      Anna Robertson - Amber, He had his Grandmere add stuffing, so far he loves it, she didn’t put too much in. Sometimes I wish we had gotten the smaller version;-) Although because he is so floppy he fits in a suitcase:-) :-)ReplyCancel

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