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365|Week 34

It’s week 34|52…WHAT?!?! only 18 weeks left in the year!  Crazy!  This week, was about the trees, and doing a little bit of decorating!  It also included a race and a visit from a dear friend, who helped with the decorating;-)



365_233_BlogTHIS guy live for the weekends just so he can do this, all day everyday!  He comes home from school, and does this…much to his little brother’s dismay!


We are finally planting the trees we already have, and have been watering in pots for a year I believe!

235|365365_235_BlogEven though the trees are small I think they look GREAT!

236|365365_236_BlogWe have A LOT of rock on or property which means planting these trees are hard work, at least for Tom:-)  At least the rock seems to drain, SO hopefully the trees will grow big and strong.

365_237_BlogMy friend Jana visited and helped us hang some photos, as well as helped us pick out barstools and rugs!  It was great to visit and get some things done!

238|365365_238_BlogMy husband cooks for me:-)

239|365365_239_BlogThis is what he cooks for me…my last meal before I start a challenge;-)  Actually I am not super hard core with eating, I try to work out harder to allow some splurges, I LOVE food way too much to deny myself!

Thanks for reading about our life:-)



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