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365|Week 35

The weeks are flying by!  I hope you, my readers are enjoying our story as it unfolds week by week in an image a day:-)  This week feels totally random!  We have the moon, a cross, a baptism, mud, Christmas products;-) paint nights and TREES!!!!!!!!  A full but definitely random week;-)LSP365_35
240|365365_240_BlogI was already in bed, and all of the sudden I hear Tom taking pictures outside…SO I joined him, and we had fun trying to capture it together.  He wanted t capture the rings around it, while I wanted to capture the detail…I may at a later date, combine the two to get the best of both worlds;-)


This block was on our property, it was only just the other day that I realized it had a cross in it!  I knew I had to capture it…

242|365365_242_BlogOne of the ladies who went to India with us, publicly dedicated her life to following Christ, at a baptism at the river.  We were blessed to join in the celebration!  Good stuff!


Mud + Boys…Apparently Daniel feel into one of the tree holes that was filled with water!  I don’t let him in the house like this, so they strip and get hosed off…I promised there would be no unmentionables shown in the image;-)

244|365365_244_BlogPhotographing products today;-)  We have always given ornaments to our family for Christmas, it’s a tradition, and I AM loving these new ones I have found from a favorite ProLab…I am excited to offer them to clients!

245|365365_245_BlogTonight I went to another paint night, this time with friends and the kids teachers who have become friends, it was a lot of fun, but I do have to say my perfectionist kicked in, and it was also stressful!  Just being honest;-)

246|365365_246_BlogWe got trees to line our driveway!  SO excited!  I cannot wait for them to be big, AND For the fall color they will provide! Our ranch is coming along!

Thanks for reading about our life:-)



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