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The Numbers Don’t Lie…My Journey with Food

Wow! Clearly I haven’t blogged in a while!  2015 was my last post!  CRAZY!  Well who knows if this will be a first of many or theView full post »

Busy Girl Meal Plans

Are you busy? Has meal planning fallen behind?  I know it has here!  That’s why I was SO excited to find Busy Girl Meal Plans, youView full post »


Dinner parties can still happen inside:-)  We are really enjoying our small living:-)View full post »

A skinny little secret…

Do you know about SkinnyTaste?  It’s a blog that has GREAT recipes, with all the weight watcher and calorie info on it!View full post »

Our New Favorite Summer Dinner:-)

I think it was last summer when my good friend Natalie introduce me to these smoked salmon tartins.  YUM!  And then of courseView full post »

Easter Cookies

Tante Beth found a recipe for Easter basket cookies that she thought the kids would enjoy…so we got them together and tried to makeView full post »


And the boy who doesn’t eat meat, ate steak tonight and “yiked it!” He finished it too, with the promise of some iceView full post »


If you have a crockpot and never use it check out this blog… 365 crockpot …I have used my crockpot more in the past month thanView full post »