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Fall 2015 | Modern School Portraits

Last week the boys had their school portraits taken, SO I did a little Modern School Portraits session with them:-)  I love these boys!View full post »

Daniel and His Doggie

Daniel just started the first grade.  His teacher sent home a questionnaire so that she could get to know the kids better. One questionView full post »

Let’s Fly a Kite!

Daniel got a kite for Christmas this year.  He was SO excited!  But, we haven’t had a chance to fly it very much!  Our schedules andView full post »

December 18 – Gingerbread House Building | DPP 2014

One of the BEST things about my job is that I get to take time off to be in my boys classes:-)  I mean I am the boss, right?  And the boysView full post »

December 16 – Lego Mania | DPP 2014

Do you tread lightly in your house while walking barefoot?  If your answer is no then you either have SUPER neat kids, OR no legos in yourView full post »

December 14 – Games | DPP 2014

It’s been  a busy season for us, what with house building, and photography I have been working a lot.  I try to stop and play whenView full post »

Portraits of the Boys

I took some pictures of the boys this week.  They are due “school” or annual portraits, AND I was practicing for my newestView full post »

First Day of School | 2014

The day was here, I had been excited, anxious, and dreading it all at once.  School was starting.  And that means everyone is a YEAR older,View full post »

Daniel turns 5!

This year we decided with everything going on, we would do low key family birthdays for the kids:-)  SO for Daniel’s birthday we wentView full post »

July 4th | Celebrating our Freedom

July 4th…the day America celebrates her freedom.  I am so thankful for those who serve our country, and for the freedoms weView full post »

How Do YOU sleep #5

Sometimes it’s just about stopping him long enough to quite him down.  This night it was 6pm, he was bouncing ofView full post »

Preschool | Daniel

Daniel has been practicing writing his name, rhyming, and letters, as long as it is HIS idea:-)  Today he wrote his whole name, andView full post »