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The Numbers Don’t Lie…My Journey with Food

Wow! Clearly I haven’t blogged in a while!  2015 was my last post!  CRAZY!  Well who knows if this will be a first of many or theView full post »

Happy Thanksgiving | From our Family to YOURS

Thanksgiving in our family is a FAMILY day, a FOOD day, and just a relaxing no expectations day.  Except we expect GOOD FOOD, or at leastView full post »

Busy Girl Meal Plans

Are you busy? Has meal planning fallen behind?  I know it has here!  That’s why I was SO excited to find Busy Girl Meal Plans, youView full post »

iPhone Tales : 21

Quinoa burgers, back on the meatless monday bandwagon! Found this in Holden’s backpack, was relieved to hear this sweet littleView full post »

A skinny little secret…

Do you know about SkinnyTaste?  It’s a blog that has GREAT recipes, with all the weight watcher and calorie info on it!View full post »

A Birthday Party…

For the littles….if you remember Miss A was born a little early on Holden’s 3rd birthday (and Daniel’s due date!), andView full post »

Memorial Day

Great Weather, Great Friends and of course Great food! We had some friends over to enjoy the pool, and it was SO much fun!  HelloView full post »

Easy Crockpot Chicken!

Did you know you can “roast” a WHOLE chicken in the crockpot?  Well one that will FIT in your crockpot:-)  Seriously!View full post »

12.23 DPP 2011

Yesterday we packed up our last cinnamon rolls for our friends. I still will bake another batch, because my husband has requested weView full post »

12.22 DPP 2011

Last night we had some friends over who are fellow foodies, it took me a while to decide what to make but, I made this AMAZING stuffedView full post »

12.15 DPP 2011

Today was a potluck in Holden’s class…The paper came home, the instructions were to bring something that is tradition,View full post »

More Placer County Real Food:-)

Tonight was Beef Stuffed Peppers, and Tomato Corn Salad. YUM! It was adapted from the August 24 menu in Placer County Real Food.View full post »