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Fall 2015 | Modern School Portraits

Last week the boys had their school portraits taken, SO I did a little Modern School Portraits session with them:-)  I love these boys!View full post »

Goodbye Long Hair…at least for now.

It finally happened…Holden wanted his long hair cut.  I was kind of ready, towards the end of school, we had a few instances where heView full post »

Let’s Fly a Kite!

Daniel got a kite for Christmas this year.  He was SO excited!  But, we haven’t had a chance to fly it very much!  Our schedules andView full post »

Freelensing | Learning New Things

I am a learner.  I love to try new things.  Sometimes in photography, I feel like I lose a little bit of creativity, and I try new thingsView full post »

Portraits of the Boys

I took some pictures of the boys this week.  They are due “school” or annual portraits, AND I was practicing for my newestView full post »

First Day of School | 2014

The day was here, I had been excited, anxious, and dreading it all at once.  School was starting.  And that means everyone is a YEAR older,View full post »

Holden turns 8!

Holden was “supposed” to share his birthday with his brother;-) BUT Daniel had other plans, instead he shares his birthday withView full post »

July 4th | Celebrating our Freedom

July 4th…the day America celebrates her freedom.  I am so thankful for those who serve our country, and for the freedoms weView full post »

Holden the Brave

Over the last week, Holden had to have 3 baby teeth pulled.  He was amazingly brave.  You love your kids, and you know they areView full post »

Date with our oldest:-)

A local theater was having a performance of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe this weekend, so Saturday we took Holden.  HeView full post »

Heard in Our House | 7 year old style.

The boys like to join for parts of cardio P90X, the yoga and kenpo mostly:-) I had some time just me and Holden in the car today, heView full post »

Happy New Year! Better Late than Never!

I printed and cut these props out for New Year’s Eve, but we never got to use them! I have been holding on with them in hopes ofView full post »