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The Numbers Don’t Lie…My Journey with Food

Wow! Clearly I haven’t blogged in a while!  2015 was my last post!  CRAZY!  Well who knows if this will be a first of many or theView full post »

Fall 2015 | Modern School Portraits

Last week the boys had their school portraits taken, SO I did a little Modern School Portraits session with them:-)  I love these boys!View full post »

2015 |365|Week 33

It’s Week 33!  Hard to believe:-)  I decided I wanted to document my weeks here and months over at my life|stop blog!  So here youView full post »

First Day of School|2015

Finally, or unfortunately however you look at it, the first day of school was here!  We find it bittersweet here.  I mean we LOVE school,View full post »

365|Week 21

It’s the first week of JUNE!  Since it is the first week of the month, it is also the week that my life|stop photography blog is dedicatedView full post »

365|Week 16

I am going to title this week, the week of the imperfect photo, perfect stories:-)  Somedays, I don’t get it right.  But I amView full post »

Let’s Fly a Kite!

Daniel got a kite for Christmas this year.  He was SO excited!  But, we haven’t had a chance to fly it very much!  Our schedules andView full post »

365|Week 7

It’s the SEVENTH week of 2015, and I am still on the journey of capturing our life in an image a day!  I am SO thankful to be partView full post »

365|Week 6

I hope you all enjoyed the LightBox Stories blog circle last week!  I know it was SO fun to watch the first month of images go up and toView full post »

365|Week 5

WOW!  February is HERE!  Since this is the first Friday of the month, it also happens to be the first BLOG CIRCLE of the 365 group I am aView full post »

365|Week 4

It’s the FOURTH week of 2015, the end of JANUARY, and I am still on the journey of capturing our life in an image a day!  I am SO thankfulView full post »

Boys Will Be Boys

The boys had fun at the property today:-) Throwing Rocks, getting dirty AND rolling down the hill.  THIS is why we wanted property:-)  IView full post »