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Freelensing | Learning New Things

I am a learner.  I love to try new things.  Sometimes in photography, I feel like I lose a little bit of creativity, and I try new thingsView full post »

The REST of December |DPP 2014

Some people end the DPP at Christmas, I usually go until the end of the year, BUT I missed some days this year so here are random pics IView full post »

Merry Christmas Hot Cocoa | DPP 2014

There WILL be a FULL Christmas post, but for now you get my Photo of the day:-)  I made this SUPER yummy Black Forest Hot Cocoa onView full post »

Christmas Eve Snowflake Making|DPP 2014

Last year we decorated with snowflakes, we even tried some StarWars ones, those were hard.  So this year as soon as the ChristmasView full post »

December 23 – Buddies|DPP 2014

Tonight we had our good friends over for dinner…Indian food, YUM! And of course it got late and we still wanted to chat, SO we loadedView full post »

December 22 – An Impromptu Family Portrait|DPP 2014

After last night’s worship service, we headed back to our friend’s house (they are also our neighbors, we live on theirView full post »

December 21 – Christmas Worship|DPP 2014

Three local churches collaborating for one beautiful Christmas worship service. SO fun! Please join me on this December Photo Project,View full post »

December 20 Oh How I Have Missed This | DPP 2014

Our little life has changed a lot in the last couple of years.  We sold our big roomy house to move to a small house with a BIG roomyView full post »

December 19 – The Polar Express | DPP 2014

Third Grade is a big transition year, it is definitely a year where the “fun” is not as often, and when work is more serious.View full post »

December 18 – Gingerbread House Building | DPP 2014

One of the BEST things about my job is that I get to take time off to be in my boys classes:-)  I mean I am the boss, right?  And the boysView full post »

December 17 – The Cards have been Sent! | DPP 2014

Last year we sent out New Year’s cards…This year our cards are actually going out BEFORE Christmas!  Yay!  I think being busyView full post »

December 16 – Lego Mania | DPP 2014

Do you tread lightly in your house while walking barefoot?  If your answer is no then you either have SUPER neat kids, OR no legos in yourView full post »