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It’s Week 33!  Hard to believe:-)  I decided I wanted to document my weeks here and months over at my life|stop blog!  So here you go…A glimpse at our week!  This was the first FULL week back at school and it was a DOOZY!  Everybody is wiped out!LSP365_33


We had a weekend of entertaining, starting with having our friends over for dinner Friday night.  It was officially our first dinner party, non-family one at least, in the new house and it was FUN!  Holden took the photo below:-)  It is good to be home!


Those eyes…enough said.


Gearing up for a busy year of Modern School Portraits!  Getting some product images on my website:-)  Loving my floor for a background!


THIS is why I wanted a 36″ stove:-)  3 burners going at once for dinner!  Rice, enchilada sauce and fish and veggies all at once, to go into stacked fish enchiladas, YUM!


THIS guy has been obsessed with putting this house together since we have moved…He did it mostly by himself following the directions. Now he declares he wants to be an architect!


Daniel and his Doggie, see next post for the story:-)


Sometimes I give my husband my camera, laughing usually ensues.  AND usually there a few images I LOVE for how they capture ME.  I love that man I married!

NOW we are ready for the weekend!  We all are participating in a 5K tomorrow, and then we will relax!


Finally, or unfortunately however you look at it, the first day of school was here!  We find it bittersweet here.  I mean we LOVE school, but we also LOVE the unstructured, stay in your jammies until after breakfast, or maybe all day, days.  But you know, there is also that little “I’m bored”, or the constant fighting…that make us yearn for the school days 😉 Just in case you thought we were perfect.  We are in fact not.

Okay back to the first day of school.  This is Daniel AFTER I woke him up 30 minutes before this…He is like Tom, it’s never enough sleep, however many hours, never enough!  I was kind of concerned he wasn’t going to make it.  BUT alas, he is also the quickest dresser ready to head out the door one of the bunch:-)  He did awake, and had his backpack on and ready to go with more than 30 minutes to spare!  Remind me of this in November, when its dark and cold, and we are running out the door 5 minutes before the bell rings!  Seriously, remind me…I won’t remember!


I am SO glad I got at home pictures, because Holden told me I couldn’t take my big camera into school!  What?!?!  Oh well, at least he let ME come into school with him:-)  These images are SO precious, because they are in our new home.  The first “Back to School” pics in this new space.

See they love each other, right:-) Just after this they were wrestling on the concrete floor!150812_04_Blog150812_05_BlogThis is the first of many years in front of this door!  SO exciting!  I know Tom and I pinch ourselves that we are actually here…In this space, that we designed and built!

Oh yeah, first day of school, Holden is in 4th(Did I just type that?!?) and Daniel is starting his first full days of school in 1st GRADE!  I’m teary I tell you!150812_06_Blog

This handsome young boy, grew a ton this summer, and read too many books to count.  He wants to be SO many things these days, pilot, scientist, engineer, inventor, everything that has to do with using your brain and mostly creating new things.150812_07_Blog

This gorgeous boy(baby) also grew a ton, he spent his summer building lego sets, from his imagination and from plans.  He is an artist, and a builder.  He thinks he might be an architect, or a police officer, or fireman…he’s not really sure.


I think I went into shock when I dropped them off…I think I should have planned something, because I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the whole day.  But I didn’t relax either.  I had a knot in my stomach thinking about Daniel being there ALL.DAY, and I missed both of them terribly.  I prayed a lot, and reminded myself, they are in HIS hands, HE never leaves them, and they never leave HIS sights.  It was SO quiet in our house…I know it will get better, but man, it was a good thing they both had good days, and a really good thing Holden doesn’t let things like a strict teacher phase him.  The teacher won him over with his love for history, so I am sure the two will be fast friends:-)

Mama had a harder day than the boys, and we are all TIRED!


Day 7::Cereal Breakfast::Packing Up::Brunch::Worship::On the Boat::Goodbyes

The final day was here.  We still needed a family hike to the cross, and of course just cleaning up packing, and getting the last bit of camp in, as much as we could.  I will surely miss this island


I took this picture of the boys in 2013…I thought I would recreate it…13CBS_79They aren’t quite as cooperative as before:-)150704_03_BlogThey also weren’t really into the family picture!
150704_05_BlogMy boys:-)…
150704_06_BlogShortly after this we had brunch, and then we sadly boarded the boat…It was time to say goodbye, see you next year!  We knew we had a lot of work awaiting us at home, so I am sure that made the goodbye harder.  The boys already declared they wanted to come back!  So we will see you again Catalina, and CBS!

Romans 15: 5-6 (NIV)

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


Day 6::Breakfast::Worship::Small Groups::Speaker::Lunch::Family Time::Boat Building and Racing::Banquet

Again today was like the other days at camp, except that it is our last full day here!  Definitely bittersweet!  This vacation was a necessary break from our life, and I am SO thankful we did it!  Today was boat building day, I knew with Tom, Holden, and I that we would have too many cooks in the kitchen, so I opted to photograph instead:-)  I think they had fun, but sadly our boat was not sea worthy and did not make a great showing…oh well, there is aways next year!150703_03_Blog

After free time on the last evening, we are encouraged to get dressed up, and the kids are occupied with games, candy, and a fun dinner, while the adults are treated to a gourmet banquet dinner and a special evening.  It is always a highlight, the food is always amazing, and it’s fun to have adult conversation and to hear how camp has touched other’s lives.  We always attempt some group shots, but beach photography is finicky:-)  And it is always early, so I am not happy…BUT it is the memory capturing that counts right!


Then the parents only:-)150703_08_BlogLike I said the food was awesome…150703_09_BlogAnd the company even better!  SO glad our friends introduced us to this camp, AND their college friends who have fast become our friends!

150703_10_BlogThese ladies are all beautiful inside and out…Here’s to another great Family Camp!150703_12_Blog

I don’t want to think about it ending!

Romans 15: 5-6 (NIV)

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


Day 5::Breakfast::Worship::Small Groups::Speaker::Lunch::Family Time::Free Time::BBQ on the Beach

Today was like the other days, apparently so much so that nothing was picture worthy UNTIL the free time:-)  The boys had been asking about kayaking all week, and snorkeling.  So I napped and Tom took the boys out:-)  I woke up and came out to capture their escapades.  When I got to the snorkeling shore, I saw this:  I LOVE that through our friends who invited us, and this camp we have made new friends.  Friends who watch out for your little guy so your husband can be in the water with your oldest while mom is nowhere to be found OR taking pictures when she should be helping!  This was such a sweet moment for me.150702_01_Blog150702_02_BlogSomeone found an octopus while snorkeling and brought it out to show everyone before setting it free again.  I was the only one in our family who touched it;-)  It was slimy.150702_04_BlogDaniel tried to go out, but he was unsure, and wanted to come back in right away!150702_05_BlogHolden, I love your personality!  Why just carry everything back when you can wear some of it?  And then dance around because you are wearing daddy’s hat!150702_06_Blog150702_03_Blog150702_07_Blog
150702_09_BlogAfter the snorkeling Daniel was done, but Holden still wanted to swim and kayak.  So Tom took him out to this float and they tried to stand up.  It looks like they had fun!150702_10_BlogAnother fun day at camp, it’s getting close to the end, BUT we don’t want to think about that!

Romans 15: 5-6 (NIV)

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”